Leather Coin Pouch By Royalty10

Leather Coin Pouch

White Lion Crest Leather Coin Pouch By Royalty10 Pictured Above.

I recently decided that it was time for a new leather coin pouch.  I did a wed search and I was immediately shown leather products that seemed more suitable for women and children.

What I was looking for was something affordable, with quality build and easy to use.  My search continued and I came across a brand called Royalty10.  I decided to visit the site and I became excited I liked what I saw they had a small variety of leather products to choose from.  What the were adverting was what I wanted it was what I was looking for personally.  I decided to purchase one two days after from their online store.  A couple of days later I received my leather pouch.  I wasn’t expecting much besides my pouch but when I opened the package, I was surprised to have seen the package was in custom packaging and that made it feel more like a gift.  I contuined opening the package and began to transfer my personal belongings to my new leather pouch I felt happy afterwards about having a new pouch knowing I got what I was looking for.

Overall the brand was easy to work with I ordered from their store I received a tracking number for shipment.  The leather pouch itself is very nice having i I’m still happy with my purchase.  For anyone looking I’d suggest looking at Royalty10 leather products they have a small variety but most important they can be used to accommodate you daily lifestyle.


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